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What shapes your customer’s first impression? Good design. As graphic designers, we apply our creative prowess over a wide range of disciplines to craft intelligent design solutions that help give your business quality, value and integrity, and make your brand memorable.

Bate Brand cover all aspects of branding: we revitalise brands that are starting to look tired, reposition brands that no-longer fit, and restore a brand's reputation back to its former glory. From simple logo designs to complex identities, we're here to help. Rather than leave your reputation to chance, reach out to our team and we'll help guide you on a profitable business journey. Our core strength lies in revitalising brands, products and services, for medium sized business to business enterprises and small consumer brands.

Rectory Mansion, Brading, Isle of Wight

Every so often a brand needs to be restored from the ashes, with a modern context, enabling it to compete in a changing marketplace.

Over time an organisation's visual communications can become diluted, it's core messaging forgotten and it's uniqueness lost. Assuming there is something interesting in the brand's DNA, and is relevant to new customers, resurrecting elements of a brand's past is one approach to brand revitalisation. A good example of this process in action is BMW's resurrection of Mini.

Bate Brand enjoy working with clients who have a story to tell, such as Brading's Rectory Mansion, once owned by King Henry VIII. Our process is to dig into the archives to understand the brand's story and to look for where the brand began to lose its way. This process of research and learning allows us to craft meaningful designs and strategic communications that celebrate the brand's heritage while remaining relevant to future audiences.

Sometimes things change and you need to reposition your brand identity to keep up with competitors, stay tuned to customers, or reflect new markets you wish to compete in.

This process is about the small tweaking of your brand communications rather than any dramatic changes. Small changes can make a big impact. For example, perhaps your customers now buy online and you need more digital assets; or your organisation sells globally and your branding needs a more international look. These tweaks align your brand positioning, strengthen your visual image and help to make your messaging clearer. We recommend that an organisation should review their brand positioning every every two to three years to check if it is still fit for purpose.

Did you know:

First impressions are incredibly important to develop loyalty; 48% of consumers report that they are more likely to become loyal to a brand during the first purchase or experience.

Sometimes a brand needs to be re-designed from scratch, retaining only good brand associations from the old identity.

For Bate to undertake a complete rebrand, there should be strong grounds for undertaking such a task. For example, a market has closed and a new one needs to be opened; or  perhaps the existing branding cannot be carried forward, so a rebrand is required to be understood by a new target audience.

A rebrand requires change across every touch point from stationery to the website, from uniforms to signage, vehicles and exhibitions. It's an expensive exercise and requires an experienced team with a strategic approach. Done well, rebranding will bring new life to your organisation, taking you to new markets and opportunities.

Bate Brand has over fifteen years experience in this field and a proven track record with small and medium-sized organisations.

If you would like to know more about how we can help 'start-ups' please call Mark on 01983 810505.

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