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With potential buyers now doing much of ther research and decision-making online, powerful content is the best way to reach them. Effective content marketing is the foundation of inbound success, engaging and educating customers. We can help you plan, manage and even write your content, within your inbound marketing strategy.

Know who to write for and what to write.

Our initial strategy helps identify your buyer personas and then defines a keyword strategy and content plan, to deliver content that will drive traffic to your website and increase your potential leads. 


Being able to consistently write and send/post/provide good content can be a demanding challenge for any business, but it is key for driving up traffic, leads and customers; good content will also help convert leads to customers.

We can ease this challenge by creating regular high-quality content, from blog posts to infographics, ebooks, and videos. With our design expertise, these will help to promote your brand visually as well promoting your SEO visibility and site footprint. The content can be written according to a defined plan as per your inbound strategy and can be delivered as part of an automated marketing campaign, complete with analytics to assess response and success. 

A carefully thought out keyword strategy, consistently applied, will help to increase the visibility of your blogs, other content, and website. This, together with an effective SEO plan in your inbound strategy, is an essential part of your inbound strategy.

We will optimise every blog post to align with your keyword strategy, helping to drive visitors to your site and become prospective customers. 

Did you know:

50% of search queries are four words or longer


So you have great content? It now needs promotion to ensure it reaches as wide an audience as possible.

We will work to promote your content programme in many different channels, to increase the value and visibility of your content. Email promotions and contact programmes via different channels will help to maintain your visibility. Inbound contains automated strategies that can be used to plan content promotion and analyse responses. 

Content marketing is the foundation of our inbound marketing service.

Your carefully tailored inbound strategy will use content to improve SEO as well as engaging visitors and delighting prospective customers; it is the basis of keepiing your audience in touch and engaged. 


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