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New brand identity for Rectory Mansion implemented across packaging, adverts, promotional literature, signage and a new website.

Rectory Mansion were referred to us because of our expert brand background – they knew they needed a strong brand identity which would be suitable across a range of mediums and would help tell their story and raise brand awareness.

Who are they?
Rectory Mansion is claimed to be the oldest house on the Isle of Wight. It was owned by none other than Henry the 8th and was a well-known Waxworks tourist attraction since 1965.
It closed a while ago and a dedicated team have busy restoring the building to its former glory. It now boasts a beautiful courtyard and coffee shop, a popular restaurant, an Isle of Wight produce shop and several creative spaces hired out by local artists and interior decorators.
However, the most exciting part is that they have their own chocolate factory. Yes, chocolate, our favourite. From delicate truffles to huge easter eggs, they create and sell unique chocolate products which ultimately, they want to be able to wholesale out. In order to be able to pitch successfully to large wholesalers they needed a brand identity and packaging which will really set them aside from the competition.

The project

We kicked off with the logo. It had to be;

  • Modern, contempory, professional
  • Flexible enough for everything from huge banners to tiny stickers
  • Tells the unique history of the building
  • Could be further developed for branded packaging and cafe/restaurant products
  • Individual and unusual enough to ensure people recognise and remember it
  • Help to raise interest in the products by communicating the brand’s story

So we set to work. We very quickly we hit upon an idea that we felt was perfect – it was literally staring us in the face. In the interest of thoroughness, we looked at another concept as well but we were so drawn to our original idea that we only presented that one to the client. After showing them how it could be expanded and applied, they wholeheartedly agreed with us and could see the huge value the logo represented.

Rectory Mansion Logo

Here’s the finished logo side by side with our inspiration. It’s an intriguing blend of clean, contemporary lines which represents the tudor history of the structure. Look closer and the logo contains the initials of the business to create a pattern, you can quite clearly see how the beams of the building have been duplicated to create the ‘r’ and ‘m’. The contrast between the two elements represents the contrast within the building; the outside is traditional, historic and memorable and the inside is clean, contemporary and new.

We used a prototype logo and applied it to a variety of materials (we ended up refining the lettering space) but these mock ups are what we used to demonstrate how flexible it was when presenting to the client. It went down a storm and we and are now in the process of applying the finalised design to their advertising, leaflets, signage and a website.

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