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Updating your website regularly is important, but sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of it. Let the Bate Brand team step in and support you as and when you need it.

We strongly recommend updating your website regularly for two reasons;

  1. Your audience will quickly get bored if every time they visit your website, nothing's changed. It doesn't have to be a complete overhaul every few weeks, but just adding new images and updating copy to include your latest services/products will ensure that there's always something new for people to discover about you.
  2. Google and other search engines appreciate fresh, relevant content. You score brownie points over your competitors if your website features interesting new content every time the search bots come back and they don't. A proactive business website is much more engaging for potential customers to explore than something which is stale and a year out of date.

We suggest to our clients that they always have a Content Management System installed and take our free initial tutorial so that they feel confident using it to keep their website updated. However, for those businesses who are too busy to dedicate the time to maintaining their website, or those wanting our expert touch, we offer a range of support services bespoke to their needs.

See our full list of services here.

For example, our bespoke built website for Consultant Marine Engineers was one of our first responsive designs a few years ago. Travelling around the world doesn't leave the CME team much time to update their website, so when they need something changing they either pop into the studio or send it over to us via email. It's a quick, easy and painless solution for businesses who just need an extra pair of hands at times.

If you need a hand keeping on top of your website, or want to have a chat about any of our other design services, please feel free to ring 01983 810505 or drop us a line

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